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What to bring to someone's house for the first time

what to bring to someones house for the first time

What to bring to someone's house for the first time

Real pressure is involved in pleasing the host.

Even more so when you know little about the hosts.

Your goal is to impress the guests at the dinner party by demonstrating your etiquette

Hostess Gift Etiquette and Ideas

Giving a gift to a hostess is often seen as a gesture of appreciation for her hospitality. You don't need to go overboard. Simple gestures are welcome.

For new homes, a gift that will contribute to the home is appropriate for your party hosts.

If you are visiting and staying in someone else’s home, the level of luxury of the gift you'll give will depend on the duration and location of your stay.

Basic guidelines for giving gifts

Gift giving is a great opportunity to reinforce relationships. 

What would be the best hostess gifts?

Don't give things as gifts, but experiences.

It has been found that money spent on doing things provides more lasting happiness than money spent on owning things.

For exemple, go with consumable gifts.

There could be gourmet food related to it, such as a box of chocolates or a craft beer.

It is rare that we buy these fancy gifts for ourselves. As a housewarming gift, it can feel a bit cliche, but it is always nice to receive.

Additional thoughts on how to make a great impression:

  1. Be extremely helpful
  2. Show your gratitude by following the house rules
  3. Don't be too personal: lingerie, perfume
  4. Don’t Embarrass By Overspending
  5. Don’t Give Early. Be discrete when you give the gift

Prepare mental notes on a few conversation pieces to talk about. 

You may choose current affairs to discuss. 

Avoid controversial topics such as religion or politics (or covid/vaccination). 

It will make you more confident to mingle and make friends. 

4. Match your wine gift with a simple bottle of wine like this below.

It will make your gift seem original, practical for many reuses for your guest and make it a pleasing one.

Leave things cleaner than you found them

It is a bottle carrier. It is great for wine and champagne bottles.


✯ stretchable
✯ shock-absorbing
✯ unique design
✯ comfortable handle

insulated wine carrier bag
| Insulated wine carrier bag |

→ lightweight
→ insulated
→ stores flat
→ machine-washable: use cold water & dry flat
→ design printed on both sides
→ fits (1) 750ml wine bottle
→ etsy.com/gift-for-her-wine-lovers-unique-wine


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