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What to get people who drink wine

what to bring to people who drink wine

Wine drinkers have a fine sense of taste in everything they do.

Socializing is in their nature.

They are usually well-educated and have exquisite taste in everything.

Even if they are broke, they enjoy the finer things in life.

Their knowledge of wine might seem impressive.

But to become a so-called ''expert'' takes years of study and tasting.

Do not feel intimidated.

Concentrate on the characteristics of wine drinkers, and you will be on the money.

Here are 4 great suggestions if you are out of ideas;

1. A designer item of clothing.

I remember giving my boyfriend a black Ralph Lauren scarf.

Although it cost me $60, he loved it so much that he only wore it on special occasions.

He wore it so rarely that I wondered if even he liked it.

In fact, it was a treasure to him.

2. It's a luxurious blanket for those cold nights

To wrap yourself in a soft and flexible blanket while watching television is a well appreciated gift.

You may even be able to get one made of faux fur if your budget allows.

It will be a unique experience.

3. An elegant and simple wine bottle chiller

In metal, it tends to have a more elegant feel

wine bucket chiller

Wine bucket from Villa Marx

You can choose from deep black, shiny silver or warm gold.

It could even be used as a decorative piece at the same time.

Making it monogrammed would be a great touch.

An engraving shop may be able to help you with this.

This would require some advance planning. 

4. A wine bottle bag carrier

wine totes
| Wine tote |

With its high quality material and tastefully designed neoprene wine bag, it dresses up any bottle of wine, champagne, or water.

✯ stretchable
✯ shock-absorbing
✯ unique design
✯ comfortable handle

It prevents the precious bottle from breaking. It can be reused time and time again.

Perfect for picnics or outdoor events.



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